The Quartz Crystal Series (Introduction)

Clear Quartz is one of the amazing pieces that we love in Star Point 9 and it’s different varieties. Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals in the world and it has a very large diversity among the crystal kingdom. Quartz pieces are known to be used as a master healer and may be used for any condition. One of the other major advantages of the Quartz crystals is that they have the ability to harness the pure light that is known as source. Quartz also works with all the octaves of light energy and encompasses the Universal Life Force.

DSC_7798There are so many uses of Quartz that it is almost impossible to list and over this series of articles that are coming. We are going to talk about various uses of these wonderful crystals that can achieve the greater benefits for humanity as they have agreed, prior to the change in vibration of the planet, to help out the incarnates to adjust their vibrations and teach them many things. Teachings from ancient Atlantean times, to showing visions of Lemurian to be able to connect to other civilisations on other planetary systems.

As the humans use Quartz crystals to power radios and computer systems, so too can these crystals be used by the incarnates energy systems to receive communications from the higher dimensions, other beings, spirit that roam the planet, other galactic civilisations and so on.

Through time, there will be many advancements through the use of crystals, far beyond what is being used today and as the incarnates move into a crystalline energy system, they too will be able to utilise the energy of crystals far more differently than they currently use at the moment.


Incarnates also use Quartz in a variety of other methods, such as laser technology, radio frequencies, television sets as liquid crystals, healing modalities, power generation systems and this list continues to grow every day as they find more ways to utilise crystals.

During times in Atlantis, we were using crystals to power our cities, to provide energy to the land and it was free energy as we were running a moon that was the source of this energy and was made out of crystal. The Atla-Ra were the ones in control of this and it was a marvellous piece of technology that the Arctuarians’ gifted this planet. There were farms that were focusing on the rapid growth of crystals to do many works and this we will discuss this over the coming months. Throughout our discussions, throughout our workshops and throughout the posts on this website.

On other planetary systems, there are cities that are built from crystals, the crystals were programmed to grow in certain formations and provide the cities and this is done using Quartz crystals. As Quartz is one of the well known crystals throughout the entire universe. However, we will not get into this topic for some time as we want to focus on how to use Quartz crystals in our life today.


Many different types of Quartz can do a significant number of things, there are different formations, different growths, different categories, different vibrations and we can even program crystals to store information. Those that are advanced in the use of Crystals are also able to alter crystals to different vibrations and can attune them to alter their ‘song’.

There are many different types of healing modalities on this planet that utilises crystals and many of the founders have a lot of knowledge on how to work with crystals in different ways. The founder of the Heart Activation & Crystalline Music as well as other modalities, have worked with crystals on different planets and are bringing forth this knowledge to this planet to help both the planet and humanity evolve.

There are ancient cultures that used Quartz crystals, such as the Mayans’, Incas’ and Aztecs’ that worshipped the use of quartz crystals for they are considered to be living beings. The spirit of the crystals provided those with the ability to communicate with them, much information and these crystals are incredibly old and wise. People that feel drawn to crystals have been done so as they are willing to communicate when the individual is ready to receive the information. This is why they are referred to as Ancient Teachers but they can also be referred to as Master Teachers.

Crystal Quartz also has the ability to adjust their own resonance to meet the incarnates vibration in the function to help the incarnate to raise their vibration when they are ready to raise. Many people are wearing Quartz crystals for these such benefits, to help cleanse their auric fields and balance out their energy systems for that is what they are also able to do.

DSC_7703You can almost call the Crystal Quartz piece the same as an incarnate as the only difference between a crystal and a human incarnate is that the crystal is a solid. They possess the same energy systems once the transformation of the human race shifts from carbon platform to crystalline platform. There are incarnates walking around this planet now that possess such a Crystalline energy system and they work with crystal energy system the same way that they work with their own. It is something that is taught in the Crystalline courses that Star Point 9 teaches.

For now, we will leave you with this introduction and this is our intention of what we plan on bringing forward to the readers and the people that come to our future courses.


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