The Liquid Crystals – Information

Crystal Energy

Over the Years, stones and crystals had many properties assigned to them, this coupled with their geometric structure and colour, provides an energy that leads to a use that we can benefit from. To do this for many years, people have worn crystals and stones in jewellery or placed them within the home.

What are the Liquid Crystals?

The Liquid Crystals are a holistic healing method, they work on the Body, Mind and Spirit. They are a powerful tool of change on all levels of being, aiding in ones healing processes, Physical to Spiritual. They are obtained by extracting the energetic healing qualities from around a crystal and then replicating the internal geometry within the stones to give it life as a liquid, that can be safely taken into the body.

Why Liquid Crystals?

The problem in the past was that crystals and stones most beneficial properties were within it and not within its energy field, thus these properties could not be absorbed into essences or liquid form and could only be obtained through carrying or having the physical stone touching the body. The only way the Crystal or Stones physical geometric properties could be placed in an essence or liquid, was if its physical geometric structure could be broadcast into a Living energy field or substance. That is exactly what Moikeha has done with the Liquid Crystals. Through a set of Alchemical processes the energetic structure as well as the exact physical, nature given energies and geometry’s have been placed within a liquid to be absorbed by the physical body. If in the past, you had a stone around you for its beneficial effects, now not only can you have it close, but you can hold it within you. This of course, accelerates the Healing process and beneficial effects of the Stones and Crystals on all levels of being.

Are the Liquid Crystals New?

Often when a new modality appears, it is celebrate and seen to be a step forward. The truth is most new healing principles are a result of the lifting of veils, allowing humanity to remember the ancient arts that once flooded our world in times stricken from the physical pages of history on our Planet. The Liquid Crystals are such a modality once forming a large part of ancient Lemurian and Atlantian Culture. It is through the spiritual work that Justice was able to recall this information and has spent 10 years remembering and perfecting this work in a safer and more defined manner for our modern world.

How are they Prepared?

Liquid Crystals are prepared by imprinting a Crystals individual vibrational healing signature into water and holding it there with the geometry that creates it. Although, Justin will not reveal the exact process involved in the creation of the Liquid Crystals, he does offer a simple insight into what is involved. The creation is a two part process, firstly, the healing vibration around the crystal is extracted using the Sun & Moon and secondly the internal geometries are alchemically imprinted into crystalline water at an energetic etheric level. The result is the total crystal and all its properties in a liquid, with none of the stone itself actually present.

How do they work?

The Mineral Kingdom is made up of natural substance, elements, that we should receive from our environment in food and water as part of our natural health regime. But it is not judge the phyiscal substance that is of importance to our health, it is the energies and geometry’s of the minerals that we also need to be healthy. The Liquid Crystals are a safe energetic alternative of these. The Human, being like a crystal is made up of Energetic Geometric Structures and so simply intergrates the Crystal’s or Stone’s structure.

Can the Liquid Crystals be used with children and at what Dose?

Some of the best results we have seen from the Crystals have been in children, especially in the advanced little starseeds or indigo children that are coming onto our planet. The Dosage is the same with adults and children, 7 drops morning and night and/or 3 drops for Acute conditions as needed.

Are the Liquid Crystals safe to take?

In short, yes. They are completely natural. The existence of any physical substance in the Liquid Crystals is infitesimal, meaning there is little if any of the physical substance actually present, much like Homeopathic medicine.

Can I take the Liquid Crystals with other medication?

Yes, it is completely safe, there are no negative side effects. The action of other medication will not be interfered with in any way.

What makes the Liquid Crystals unique?

The Liquid Crystals are the first form of intentionally used geometric medicine on our planet. Due to the fact that our world and its very existence is a result of geometry, does it not stand to reason that be healthy that we should start there?

The Angelic Devas of the Crystals

It is an honour to be able to offer to humanity the name of the Deva of each stone. These beings are the single beings responsible for the creation process of the physical Crystal, they are Angels and are awaiting your call. During the last Ten years of the Liquid Crystal Creation process, I have worked very closely with these amazing beings. Call on them and enjoying their presence as you take your Liquid Crystal will amplify the results and your Joy in the Process.

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