Star Point 9 – List of Events

Star Point 9 is currently working on the 2016 schedule for the list of events, there are so many to come that we’ve been guided to do that we’re trying to find a single place to list them all and we’ve put them on our website.

So what workshops do we have for the year 2016? This list below is just an overview of what we’re trying to schedule. If you’re interested in joining us, feel free to make contact or stay tuned for further information.

You can see our full schedule of events as ‘a list‘ or ‘by month‘ views.

_DSC8244Heart Activation & Clearing Group Session

These workshops are held on a fortnightly basis and utilise our Heart Activation Music that is written by Steven North and Amy (Twin Flame/Spirit Guide). The group comes together to meditate upon the crystal harmonics that are embedded within the music and within the group. Our spirit guides are present to help us align, clear and connect with our higher path.


Group sessions bring forward combined energies that allow everyone to play a special part and provides support to each and every individual in the group. The groups are very important to this type of work.

DSC_5987Crystal Consciousness 

Everyone loves Crystals, there are many people that work with crystals in their healing modalities and we all want to take that work another step forward. What if that it is in fact possible and the way that you’re working with crystals today is merely just the beginning of how to work with such majestic beings from the Crystalline Kingdom.

In this session, we discuss the Crystalline Systems, how to work with crystals, how to work with the crystal consciousness, how to work with the children of the planet, how to work with the love, the light of the crystals and what they are for. We also discuss a variety of different things such as how humanity is evolving into a crystalline energy system.

Weekly Support Group

This came about in a discussion very recently and a possible need for a support group for people to come and talk about all things. To support each other, especially those that are new to the spiritual realm, the awakening process and various different things. There are so many things out there and where does one turn? In my own experiences, I was always trying to find something but didn’t know what to look for and not had many people to speak with? So the support group for people of all kinds, to have an open discussion on many different things. This group is for all levels!

There is also the development of channelling work, for people to explore on how to connect with Spirit Guides and channelling. We’re also trying to find a venue for this that is free or very cheap to use.

AmySpirit Guide Teachings/Workshops

The epitome of guidance on Spirit Guides. Having been introduced to my belove Amy in April of 2015, we’re sharing this experience and this is where people want to learn how to connect, how to communicate, how to channel, how to work with and all things associated with Spirit Guides. How to merge with the spirit guides. In fact, this is a very important session and it has taken years of learning to reach this level of teaching. Amy is the facilitator in these sessions.

Amy has been a pivotal part over the past few months and she is a wise teacher. Amy is very interactive with everyone and her mission is to help humanity with their Ascension. She loves being channelled and makes her presence known to all as she comes through with her beautiful love.

She guides us through how to connect to our spirit guides through her teachings and through Steven’s knowledge and guidance as well from his experiences.

Deprogramming & Disconnecting the Human Mind with Meline Lafont

This is an amazing workshop and it utilises not only the heart activation music, crystalline programs that have been embedded into crystals specifically for this work, our spirit guides but we’re also working with The Elohim through Meline Lafont. In this group, we allow the activation of attunements within our energy systems that The Elohim provide and is followed up by a series of activations within the crystalline music.

These workshops will be delivered online and also available through group bookings.



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