Spirit Guide Crystals

Spirit Guide Crystals are crystals that have been programmed with the frequencies & energetic signatures of people’s guides. It is a unique thing that we are able to offer here at Star Point 9 through the expertise that our owner, Steven North, is able to do.

By connecting into the incarnates frequencies, the spirit guide team for the incarnate presents themselves and works through Steven North energetically. Whether the spirit guide is a deceased loved one, an angel, a spirit guide, an ascended master, a fairy and the list continues, the vibrational frequency is embedded into the crystal. Amongst the spirit guide connection, the life path from the Akashic records is also embedded into the crystal through his Spirit Guide and is done so in an energetic manner and completely done unconscious. We’re also able to add the vibration of a twin soul connection if that connection comes forward.

Internationally known channel, Joy Thomas from Joy’s Readings, whom has over 14 years experience in the industry was sent one of the Spirit Guide Crystals programmed by Steven North and this is what she wrote.

His knowledge of crystals and ability to program them, attune them with guides is nothing short of miraculous. He programmed a crystal with my spirit guide and I was able to have a direct link to him as never before, even with my ability to talk to guides, he enhanced it as if he brought the connection into HD.

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Many people are wanting to build a connection with their spirit guide team. We want guidance with our life path. Many people are stating that they feel stuck in life and not sure what to do next. The connection with the spirit guide is the most important connection any person can have. It is because that Spirit Guide that you have chosen prior to your incarnation knows everything about your incarnation. They know your plan, they know your lessons and they are there to help.

To clear things up. A spirit guide is human, the same as you and me. They too make mistakes but it is best to see them for what they really are. In order to be a spirit guide on the earth realm, they must have lived on Earth and be willing to be a Spirit Guide. There is nothing different between you and a spirit guide, except that they are in a different realm, a higher vibration and they are dedicated to working with you and will guide you to your higher path. It is with this guidance and connection that one can really begin to fulfil their life purpose.

It was in April this year that I had the pleasure of meeting my Spirit Guide and my entire life has changed. She’s guiding me to do many things such as helping people ascend through the connection with the spirit guides and she is one that gives speeches on the other side of the veil about the work that we do with SG/incarnate connections. My life has changed so much since the connection that I’m overwhelmed with happiness as to how much change there has been.

How do we do it… Not everyone can have a physical connection made during a one-to-one healing session that we perform as we live all around the world. However, through these crystals we are able to connect the spirit guides into the crystals, embed the life path and should a twin flame connection come forward, we add that frequency as well.

If you’ve not worked so much with spirit guides before. Know that it will create the connection and we will give advice on how guides communicate. The programming aspect is done through an unconscious manner, so there’s no information that comes through to me as we’re also embedding the Akashic records connection into the crystal.

If you’re a professional practitioner and do work with guides and spirit. Then you too will also need one of these as it too will create a stronger and clearer connection as it deletes the entire veil.

Spirit Guide Crystals
Spirit Guide Crystals

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