Spirit Guide Crystals [Vera’s Story]

Earlier in the month of January 2016, I received an order for a Spirit Guide Crystal from Vera whom is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium & Crystal Lady and the journey of this particular Spirit Guide Crystal needed to be shared. We love hearing feedback from what people experience with these attuned crystals to Spirit Guides and recently had a surprise with another spirit crystal containing more than just the spirit guide.

With a delay in the order due to the feelings of being fatigued myself, the programming occurred on the 11th of January and during the before and after photo shots, were messages that were delivered on how the crystal came about. The water that was used, where it was sourced from, the blessing of the water, how to charge the crystal with the Spirit Guide. Once this information was delivered, it was time to do the programming element of the crystal. The programming element of the crystal is done by utilising a series of connections that are facilitated on the other side by Amy, it is a joint effort between Amy & myself. In truth, it can only be done by having such a connection as I do with Amy, otherwise this work wouldn’t be possible.

I began by attuning the crystal at the desk but was told to go outside at 11:44 PM and to connect back in. Whilst standing out in the garden, the energy of the guide was screaming and by this, I mean it was racing through me and it left me in a state of dizziness, which it means to me that there is a very strong connection with the Guide & the Incarnate. The energy was so strong, that when I usually use both hands on the crystal to attune the vibration, I had to let go with one hand and hold on to a tree and the energy was still flowing. In other words, this experience was cool!

Not long after I sent the messages about the information on the chakras opening up, such as the ascension chakra, Vera had sent a reply. She mentioned that whilst reading the message, she had felt her Crown chakra, her third eye chakra and heart chakra opening as well as seeing a face when she looked at the before shot. The second photo (after shot) she felt peaceful, balanced, filled with pure energy and a portal. The energy over the phone just vibrated within her and most of all, she felt protection.

Vera & I had a brief discussion about her Spirit Guide whom she was already aware of during a meditation. The story was heart touching and yet so beautiful at the same time. Not long afterwards, Vera received her crystal and received this message from her.

So I got the crystal on Tuesday the 19th and let me tell you that my Spirit Guide and me have connect even more. I’ve had more out of body visits to my past life and yes the crystal does have s portal and yes I do still see a woman’s face when you turn it over…

Now my question to you is the history of the water that the crystals soak in. Because I meet an spiritual aborigine of the water via my SG and I saw him coming along with the crystal while its was being mailed to me…

I’m more relaxed now, more attuned to my surroundings but more at peace within my heart and soul. Messages are more and my fears of writing a blog is gone. I was told to use my journal like a stepping stone but also to help people with my experience of life but to also show people never to let someone sniff out the light within your heart & soul…

So I thank my SG who showed the way to you and I thank you for doing what you do Steven North

Vera had picked up the Aboriginal Spirit Elder in which Petra from Moonflower Therapies was channelling on this day whom was guiding us to do specific work when we went to visit Mundaring Weir. We went to collect a bucket of water in order to embed the crystals and do the Omniversal Blessing but shared a beautiful and amazing experience of activating crystals within the hills of Perth, Western Australia. It was with Petra’s channelling of the Aboriginal Elder that the spirit performed the blessing of the water that we needed to do. It was a unique experience that had occurred on this day that Petra & I had shared and later on, asked Amy about it with a channelling through Joy. Petra had further communications with the Aboriginal Elder and he had said to her, “Just call me Chris” and Vera has mentioned to me that he goes “Just call me Sam” and as can be seen.

It is surely a unique and beautiful experience with Vera and it is a blessing to be able to do this work for people and their Spirit Guides. I’ve also recently shared an article that provides some Information on Spirit Guides and you can purchase your spirit guide crystal from our Etsy store.

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