Soul & Energy Clearing with Steven North

Soul Clearing by Amy of the Light

When doing an energy clearing with Steven North, it is like taking a very filled chalkboard and clearing it with a large eraser but the thing of it is, the writing on the chalkboard can be from past lifetimes, or at least the origins are and so they are very stubborn to clear and it all has to do with the access. So many healers or energy workers are not able to access higher levels and so the healing is only good to a certain point or it comes back. Why?

If you do not have work with the past life origins, you do not have a lasting clearing or healing. This means that to have to access to the akashic records of the individual, which Steven has the ability to do, it is through this level of access that you can reach the core of the soul one is working on and from that pot, truly clear what is ailing them.

Soul ClearingThis type of clearing work is called “Soul Clearing” as one is working with all their lifetimes at once. Of course, the guides will limit this work if it is too much for the individual to handle. It is often the case with older souls that they will need more than one session. For some, this work will relate to the heart because this is where the wounds are held (heart pains) and others will need it in the sacral or solar plexus. The heart, stomach and sacral are the main areas where wounds are stored.

They can be in other areas as well but the ones that people carry over from past lives are often emotional traumatic experiences and is generally stores in those three chakras.

Amy of the Light, channelled by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

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