Programmed Crystals

Over the past few months, Star Point 9 has been programming & activating crystals for many people. One person in particular has been Joy from Joy’s Readings whom has received a number of amazing crystals that have been attuned to very specific beings and tasks in order to help them in their vocation. We recently programmed a crystal to help Joy with her reading & channelling work, it helps with creating an abundance of energy so that she is not depleted of energy and these crystals are advanced and specifically developed for healers, readers, anyone whom does energy work and anyone whom is an empath as well.

12049331_1513850368928488_7146314629795376476_nThis crystal was the very first crystal that was programmed and this photo was taken before any of the programming was performed. We do not display after photos as each crystal is specific to the individual and we do not show the after effects as these crystals differ significantly to each person’s role and life purpose on the planet.

We received an email from Joy recently to discuss the effects of the crystal which she recently received and it was her guide that was advising me of what needed to be done during the programming stage.

This is Joy’s feedback.

I call it the force, when I connected to it, I felt taken into space, then I saw my angels all around me as they always are before a reading, My guide is there as well. Then a series of light beings came down and surrounded us all, they had the feeling of very being very serious, connected beings. When I began the reading they made sure I didn’t stray like I tend to in my thoughts and stayed on topic, they didn’t even want me to correct the typos as I went along. The information was very clear and the words used were slightly different than my own. I noticed in the second reading they (the light beings) weren’t as strong. I probably need to clean the crystal. I do this every night but not in between readings as I’d be at it all day long then. I can also say I don’t feel as drained as I normally do, I just feel overwhelmed because there is still a lot more to do, that’s a big difference!

We’re still in the process of bringing forward more information in order to document and describe to people just in fact what these crystals are. How they work and what they do. The programming aspect is done by myself but there is no connection with the human mind.

We will write more about these crystals soon.


Steven North
Star Point 9

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