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The internet has been down for the past week and will be for another week until the new services are put online and it has given me some time for rest and relaxation and confirmation that the advice to create the online workshops in February after the energies settle down has been validated yet again. I’m currently utilising my mobile phone as a mobile hot spot and it has utilised a lot of the data but alas, the courses have all been created and I’m going to give a brief introduction as to what they are all about and the links to access them.

You can join the Learn It Live (online) platform by utilising this link – THIS LINK HERE!


DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind with The Elohim, Meline Lafont & Steven North

Join this co-creation by Steven North and Méline Lafont’s Tool “DEactivation and DEcoding of the Human mind” blended with a created audio tool by Steven North to awaken and activate the higher heart with crystal sound music.  A six week journey guided and lead by Steven North online where you will enjoy Méline’s Tool to DEactivate the human mind with Steven’s Tool to activate the heart chakra frequencies.

– Group 1 commencing on 3 February @ 1:00 AM AWST (2nd February, 6 PM CET, 10 AM PST) – Click Here for the class
– Group 2 commencing on 4 February @ 10:00 AM AWST (3rd February, 6 PM PST, 3:00 AM CET) – Click Here for the class


Heart Activation & Spirit Guides

Using the Heart Activation Music as a source of facilitating the connection to Light Consciousness. We have a brief discussion on Spirit Guides, the basic foundations and how to work with them. This is also a healing session where the Spirit Guides work with us to help us release energy that does not related. In the latest conversation with Amy, she is saying that this work also helps healing Spirit Guides as well. As such, this is an amazing tool that has been created.

– Session 1 – February 4 @ 6:00 PM AWST (11 AM CET) – Click Here for the class


Round Table Discussion

This has come about after receiving advice from a channelled Spirit Guide back a few years ago to create a Round Table Discussion where people can talk about various different things and to come for answers. This group is an experiment to gauge the audience interest and is free for it’s first session. The idea is to have guest speakers that present a discussion on their field of expertise to develop an online community of experts from all around the world to share their knowledge to a wide audience. To meet people that love to share knowledge to help others with guidance & services.

– Session 1 begins on the Sunday, 14 February at 12:00 PM AWST (8 PM PST) – Click Here for the class


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