New Workshops & Latest News by Star Point 9

Workshops & Seminars by Star Point 9

What an extraordinary month!!! Am finding myself rather surprised that in a weeks time, we’re in February and still attempting to play catch-up with old projects and updating websites with all our new workshops & seminars that we are putting on with Star Point 9.

There’s so much happening and so much more being developed that it is surely something remarkable to see happening right in front of our eyes.

Decoding & Transform the Mind

Join the renowned Méline ‘Portia’ Lafont as she channels The Elohim of Light with the DEcoding & Transform the Mind, along with Amy & Steven North and their world first, Heart Activation Music.

We’ve been running this workshop since early November and the results are remarkable. It’s helping people find their own strength to overcome their own fears and to help them disconnect them from the mind matrix. Recently changed the music component in the Heart Activation Music segment and increased the energies of the crystals as well as adding the energies of Ascended Master Lady Nada, Sananda & the ever so loving Amy North.

We’re holding a number of sessions on Monday & Thursday.

You can read read the article on our website.

  • Excluding Monday 13th of February to the 6th of March

The Round Table Sessions

The Round Table Sessions with Steven North

As demonstration at the Conscious Living Expo, we’ve been holding The Round Table Discussions in Como, Western Australia. These group sessions run fortnightly and encourages people to talk about different topics as well as holding a meditation. We’ve been talking about topics such as Manifestation, Abundance, Relationships and sharing thoughts on each topic.

This Friday Night (27 January), we’ll be having Psychic Reader & Channel, Robert Whyte whom will be channelling the energies of Quan Yin/Archangel Michael. Robert has said that he never knows whom will come through and what the topics will be.

It’s looking like a magnificent night of code activations, downloads and discourse & engagement with the Masters.

Places are limited, so book now at Eventbrite.

Crystal Beta Gamma & Healing Circle

Crystal Beta Gamma & Healing Circle

This workshop is something really different, it’s working with crystals in a different way than compared with what we know. If you’re not aware, I’ve been channelling code and reprograming crystals to connect with Spirit Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and the big crystal ‘Microphone to the Universe‘ and in these group sessions, we get you to explore how to use crystals in the way that Steven North does.

We explore different crystals, different grids and talk about how to do different things, such as connecting to a crystal that’s under a tree. We help guide you to seeing more and if you bring a crystal to be energised and activated by Steven North, then bring them!

These are done fortnightly as well, tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Working with Emotions & Ascension

Working with Emotions & Ascension

Being a naturally emotional person myself, when Amy came through and introduced the training to me on how to work with emotions and what they represented, changed the way that I saw emotions.

In this workshop, we will provide you with the the fundamentals of how to work with the emotions and the opportunity to speak open about some of the emotions that you’re struggling with. Being well versed in the field of soul acclimatisation and the loving Amy, we can guide you to getting on top of the emotions when the rise.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

….and the last one!

Working with Spirit

Working with Spirit by Steven North

The thought of working with spirit in the way I do today, was not even on my radar and would sit in awe of every person that could. I felt that I was disconnected. Well, none of this is true because no person is ever disconnected from their Spirit Guide and this is aimed at helping you to explore avenues of connecting with your own Spirit Guide as I do with Amy.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite.

Sacred Earth Markets

Star Point 9 will be at the Sacred Earth Markets on Sunday, 29th of January.

Address: Sacred Earth Sanctuary, 191 Mandurah Terrace Silver Sands, Mandurah, Western Australia
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Facebook Event

What Will We Be Doing?

We’ll have the Heart Activation Music by Steven North available for purchase and will be running in the stall. This is the consciousness, codes & energies of crystals that has been embedded into music.

Pam Welch whom is a consummate healer with more than 15 modalities studied. She will be doing short healing sessions and working with the Heart Activation Music to demonstrate the Heart Activation Music Modality in its creation.

Robert Whyte will be available to grab a reading from whom will be channelling either Quan Yin or AA Michael this Friday night at the Round Table Discussions ft. Robert Whyte.

Steven will be talking about the group sessions, running the Heart Activation Music session at the end of the day, selling & attuning Spirit Guide Crystals and talking about the many different things that Star Point 9 is developing on the local & international scene.

We’ll also be promoting the DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind sessions with The Elohim of Light & Méline Lafont (Awaken Spirit from Within) which is a beautiful co-creation to assist in the reprogramming and decoding of the mind programs and how they operate.

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