Metallic Dreams by Steven North (Free Release)

Metallic Dreams by Steven North
On the 31st of July 2016, The Heart Activation Music will have turned 1 and what a year it has been with the invention, the creation, the research and the development of the this multifaceted creation by Amy, myself and the rest of the guides. It’s interesting because the more I revisit the past, the signs have always been there and the path was walked.

As a result of this very exciting celebration (get out the bubbles!), we’re giving away a free release of the “Heart Activation Music” which is titled Metallic Dreams.

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[Album Notes of Metallic Dreams]

Steven North is the founder of the Heart Activation Music and it contains more than just frequencies from the musical instruments and sounds. Embedded within this beautiful track is the frequencies of the crystals Apophyllite & Faden Quartz. This track also uses the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz which is the Earth Resonance Frequency and helps with grounding.

Steven, along with Amy North, have developed the Heart Activation Music which is a world first. By utilising the frequencies of crystals, light & binary, the feeling of love, happiness & relaxation can be felt. When a stirring in the heart is felt, you will know that the energies within the music are working. Many people around the world have reported amazing experiences when listening to the Heart Activation Music and we’re more than happy to give you this track.


This track is giving me major meditation vibes, because it has a different type of rhythm and a different sound it definitely makes it easier to close your eyes lay down and clear your mind. – Samantha Paige Lucas, (Musician) Perth WA

Even before the music began, I was in that happy dreamy feeling, with a smile across my face that parted my lips. As I listened, I was taken on a journey into an ancient forest that was green and moist. I felt the tension leave every cell in my body as I let out a sigh… Once it finished, I was laying there in blissmatiousness, (yeah, I made that one up) motionless and filled with love from my Trueheart. – Natasha Lee, (Conscious Leaders) Perth WA

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