Meditation: 936hz Pineal Gland Activation Solfeggio Meditation with Clear Quartz

Here is out latest freebie, a Pineal Gland Activation meditation that uses the 936 Hz Solfeggio Frequency and Clear Quartz light frequencies. It is aimed at assisting one in activating & exercising the Pineal Gland/Third Eye.

It is said that the “Eye of Horus” & “Eye of Ra” represents the Third Eye and the importance of being able to see.

936 Hz Pineal Gland Activation

Meditation: 936hz Pineal Gland Activation Solfeggio Meditation with Clear Quartz

The Pineal Gland is pretty important when it comes to clarity and is referenced in the symbol that is known as the Eye of Horus. There is a plethora of information on the internet and there are frequencies today that are in operations that are designed to shut off our pineal gland.

Frequencies such as radio waves and television frequencies are like the fluoride in water. However, one must ask, with the invention of digital television, does this still have the same effect? Does it have the same numbing sensation of listening to audio recorded at 440Hz.

Frequencies are a very beautiful thing to consider, how everything gives off a frequency and this can be seen in plant life (Refer to Music of the Plants), a human being has their own frequency and the Earth resonates at it’s own frequency as well. Everything on the planet has, in one way or another, a frequency.

Thus, what makes the Heart Activation Music so profound compared to everyone else that does binary frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones? Well… it is simple. We have discovered how to embed light frequencies into the audio as well.

In this track, we are utilising the frequency of 936 Hz and the frequency of 936 Hz is connected with the Light and all-embracing spirit and by adding the Clear Quartz to the audio and utilising the light frequencies from the crystals, we’re embracing the light from both the frequency and that of the Earth.

Clear Quartz is said to be a powerful master healer crystal and there’s a lot that we can do with Quartz crystals as well. They’re a well utilised crystals and can be used as a method to communicate with. We even use Quartz in crystal radios! So it makes sense that we have known about this for some time.

Quartz crystals are awesome crystals as well. So by utilising these frequencies with the binary makes everything even more awesome.

The Heart Activation Music is also a registered complimentary therapy that has been founded by Steven North. It utilises crystal frequencies in audio.

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