Heart Activation with Vibrational Crystals, Sound and Essential Oils

Heart Activation with Vibrational Crystals, Sound and Essential Oils

Join Eesha Priestess from Siddhi Space and Steven North from Star Point 9 for an afternoon of relaxation and heart activation through the integrated immersion into sound, crystal and essential oil energies. Steven and Eesha will take you on a journey through the heart to rediscover the true essence of love that lies within.

Crystals are the essence of the light body of our planet, of the crystalline human energy system and they hold various frequencies of light as well incarnated souls commonly known as Devas. The light is what we refer to as source energy or God energy and it is with this light that we are able to activate the heart space within the incarnates that are on the Earth at this exciting time of the planetary evolution.

The music is composed by Steven North and Amy, whom is Steven’s spirit guide. When they write the music, Amy sends coded vibrations to put into the sounds and they consist of messages that help the person come towards the light of consciousness and plant a seed so that they become curious to look further into it.

Once the unconditional love is felt with the heart space, the walls are lowered around the heart and creates a pathway that can be opened for many things, such as, living the life purpose, finding their twin (if they have incarnated as well) or finding a significant soul mate. Caring for others is another thing that comes in once the heart has opened and becomes activated.
The music engages life purpose, true love, compassion, walking the higher path and raising the vibration of the planet. It also creates an environment that allows energetic connection with the spirit guide.

We also utilise various crystals within the tracks, depending upon the intention of the track and guidance from Amy, crystals are programmed to perform certain functions and these programs and frequencies are then embedded into the track.

The Heart Activation music also creates a space that is referred to as ‘sacred space’ by raising the vibration of the room and allowing the room to be filled with light energy. The energy in the room is cleansed similar to using White Sage or other energy cleansing tools.

In July 2015, Amy described the music blending with colours and is like colours in itself that is received by the listener as colours are.

The music also has the ability to enter into the Spirit Guide realm and as it in our physical realm, it sort of drifts up and over into the Sprit Guide realm. It co-mingles within the realms and has the ability to make someone feel as if they have been touched by heaven because in a way it is allowing a channel to be opened to the heavenly realm. This also helps Spirit Guides communicate with their incarnate and it is important for people to know how to connect with them.

The binary sound frequencies, which is also another layer within the music is important as it helps unlocks something energetically for people and it is different for each person as some may need it and some may not. Different frequencies can clear, heal, bring in love, open the mind, call in higher powers like ascended masters and it helps with everything, such as healing, twin flame union, past life recognition/healing and there is no end to what it can do.

We also encourage people to bring along their own crystals to add to the experience as not only do we incarnates gather to enjoy the experience, so do the spirit guides and we all experience the light, the crystals, the music and all of the energy.

We will also be providing basic guidance on how to connect and work with spirit guides using crystal energy. We also have Spirit Guide/Life path crystals available for purchase online.

This is a preview of a track titled “Amy’s Divine Love” – https://youtu.be/clLbObETOHI

The essential oils will be integrated into the experience to awaken the senses and open the chakras to raise the vibrations for better integration of new vibrational energies.

Energy exchange:
Early bird $30 + bf (before October 20)
Regular $35 + bf

Tickets available through eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/heart-activation-with-vibrational-crystals-sound-and-essential-oils-tickets-18933391283

Please bring a cushion if you have one and a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the afternoon.

The Facebook Event link is: https://www.facebook.com/events/166934860314837/

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