Heart Activation Trinity (Liquid Crystals)

Programming Crystals
Rose Quartz is the frequency & vibration of Unconditional Love & Archangel Chamuel.

Having studied Liquid Crystal Therapy & Advanced Liquid Crystal Therapy, we’re offering a number of liquid crystal trinities to work on the human energy system.

The one that we’re going to talk about now is the Heart space or ‘Allowing’. The crystals involved in this trinity are Kunzite, Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline. These three crystals will assist one in addressing any and all issues associated with the heart, including the Balancing, Awakening, Opening and Alignment as well as its true higher functioning in Unconditional Love. This trinity corrects and activates the ability to relate at its highest levels.

With the traditional methods of activation that was taught in the training and the additional activation codes added through Steven North‘s crystal programming skills. This makes this trinity the most powerful for working with the heart. Through this combination, the healing effects are powerful.

Each Liquid Crystal comes in it’s own bottle and is to be taken for a period of 21 days. Instructions will be included with the shipment.

Please contact us for questions and orders.

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