[Heart Activation Music] – The Fairy Realm is With Us

The Heart Activation Crystal Music has seen another another track to it’s selection as we’ve recently finished putting together another track that is titled ‘The Fairy Realm is with Us’. With this track, we’re using a range of different binary frequencies., such as Alpha Waves to calm the mind then introducing another one to centre the body then using two others to promote Astral Projection & Astral Travel as well as utilising attuned crystals to do deep work.

The original idea for this track came about whilst working on the 2nd part of the track to integrate it with a channelling that Meline Portia Lafont performed with The Elohim for Disconnecting & Deprogramming the Human Mind. As Amy and I write this music together, we’ve enjoyed the entire afternoon and evening putting this magical track together as it did take an entire venture of its own and also became a full track.

This beautiful track comprises of the sounds of pianos, harps, Tibetan Monks singing the OM & AH sounds (OM is the sound of my soul name whilst AH is the sound of Amy’s soul name), Gongs, Tibetan Bells (which is used to distract the thoughts within the mind) and a number of other instruments.

The binary frequencies used in this track are:

  • 11 Hz Alpha – Calm & Relaxed Thinking, Paying Attention, Stress Reduction
  • 12 Hz Alpha – Centering, Mental Stability, Transitional Point, Time Seems Faster, Stimulate Mental Clarity, Associated with Throat Vishuddha Chakra
  • 7 Hz – Mental and Astral projection, Telekinesis, Mind Projection, Psychic Surgery
  • 22 Hz – Astral traveling, used in conjunction with 14 HZ for Intelligence Enhancement, used in conjunction with 40 HZ for Out of Body Travel and for Psychic Healing

The Crystals used in this track are:

  • Onyx (Archangel Michael attuned crystal)
  • Elestial Amethyst, Amethyst Generator, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz

YouTube Preview:

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