Heart Activation Music & Self-Empowerment

Whilst we’re busy in the background trying to develop our new website, we thought that it would be a great opportunity to tell you this story of self-empowerment that got delivered to us last night in our session titled “DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind” with Méline Lafont, the Elohim of Light and Amy & Steven North.

Throughout the past 18 months or so, we’ve been running the Round Table Discussions with the Heart Activation Music in Como, Western Australia and we have our beautiful and lovely supporters and followers. One of them highlighted yesterday that for the very first time, she took on her fears and drove all the way to the group session on her own. She explained that she hadn’t driven on her own for years as she had fears and the greatest thing was how we were all amazed by the huge transformation that has happened within this beautiful person and how much her life has changed.

When she said that she took on her greatest fear of driving on her own, she was so happy with herself that she has done it and is very excited to be doing it again. We laughed when she said that she may not ever be home because she’s off exploring the world since she took on this challenge and changed her own life.

The greatest thing about self-empowerment is that the person achieved it them self, in their own time, in their own accord and worked it out for themselves. There is no lesson taking, there is no person claiming to be able to remove this fear, there is no person saying… “Pay me hundreds and thousands of dollars” it is a person saying… “Hey, I want to change my life!” and so she did.

The Heart Activation Music has not only been a life changing journey for myself, it has changed the lives of many and our group support is all about helping each other overcome their own fears, their own experiences and we share this openly.

The greatest group support that one can have in their life is the ability to talk to people without judgement, without being told what to do and giving that person the opportunity to explore it for themselves and find their own strength. That is what we provide, the tools and group dynamics so that you can regain your own self.

Even for myself, the fear of relationships, having buttons pushed, working together as a group to look at the logic behind it, the human mind conditioning and then once we realise it. We break that pattern, that cycle and this is why I love the group that we’ve been developing.

We’ve got so many amazing and beautiful people and we all come together to discuss things and it changes lives for all of us.

Still blown away by the magical journey that this person has had and how she, herself has changed her own life. What a miracle!



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