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Heart Activation Music

The past few weeks have really been an intense and mind shifting journey with a course on marketing, financial planning, carrying out market research and writing business proposals which is for Steven North and the Heart Activation Music.

We then decided that the Heart Activation Music really needed to have it’s own Facebook Page so that we can expand awareness for the product. It will also allow the opportunity for this area to expand in the future.

Heart Activation MusicThe Heart Activation Music is the epitome of sound healing as it combines a number of various healing modalities and is a complete holistic health package.

We have incorporated Crystal Therapy, BrainWave Therapy (Binaural Beats), Channelled Light Codes, Spirit Guides, God Force and Energy Healing.

Listeners have reported a variety of different results from listening to the music and have been utilised in group meditation sessions which are run by Steven North & Star Point 9.

The music is created between multiple dimensions and done by both Spirit Guide (Amy) & Incarnate (Steven North) whom work together. During the creation stage, Amy sends coded vibrations which are then placed into the sounds that are being created and consist of messages that help the person come towards the light of consciousness. When the body feels the unconditional love within the heart, the walls are lowered and it allows a way for it to be opened to allow many different things to occur in an incarnates life. These could be things such as living & engaging the life purpose, finding a twin flame (had they incarnated) or significant soul mate, caring for others, true love, compassion, walking the higher path and raising the vibration of the planet.

The Heart Activation Music by Steven North is too wonderful not to have and to stay up to date with the Heart Activation Music, sign up to our Facebook page NOW!

There is also the Facebook Group for the ‘Heart Activation Music Modality‘ which is currently under development by Steven North.

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