Heart Activation Music – The Anticipation

It is with great anticipation and excitement that Star Point 9 and Steven North will be releasing the first two albums of the Heart Activation Music will be released electronically on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon, Amazon MP3 and so forth.

It is a huge step for both Star Point 9 & Steven North to release this music after the research and focus groups that have occurred to bring the Heart Activation Music into reality.

As such, on the 4th of April 2016, the first two albums will be released and we can not be ever so excited to have it announced. So which of our amazing albums have we decided to release? Well, that is easy and those tracks are (as pictures below) Moonchild's Dream & Amy's Divine Love.

Steven North has performed all the work involved with these creations and it has been so rewarding to see this music being released. Even the album covers were created by Steven North himself. 

We will be announcing more details very soon and give an interview with Steven North on what inspired him to create the magical creations of the Heart Activation Music. In the meantime, here are some previews of the tracks on YouTube.

Amy's Divine Love

Moonchild's Dream

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