Heart Activation Music


What is Heart Activation Music?

Heart Activation Music is music that has had a series of crystalline layers added. Through these layers of crystalline energy as well the benefits of binaural frequencies. The music track has the ability to work through many different things. Without the crystalline energy, it is merely music but these frequencies, the light code and energy that really distinguishes the Crystalline Music from anything else.

How is it created?

Crystalline Music is made by Steven North and his spirit guide Amy. When the music is being created, Amy sends coded vibrations to put into the sounds that are being created and they consist of messages that help the person come towards the light of consciousness and become curious about this. In other words, we plant a seed into the incarnate to focus on consciousness.

How does it work?

Once the unconditional love is felt within the heart, the walls are lowered around the heart and then the way can be opened for many things, living their life purpose of this incarnation, finding their twin (if they have incarnated too), or finding a significant soul mate. Caring for others is another thing that comes in once the heart has opened and becomes activated. The music in itself is known as Heart Activation as Amy wishes to call it.

The music engages life purpose, true love, compassion, walking a higher path and raising the vibration of the planet.

It also utilises various crystals within the track itself, depending on the intention of the track and guidance from Amy, we program the crystals to perform certain functions and layer these frequencies into the tracks. The process is time consuming but and the results are absolutely amazing.

What can it do?

The music creates the space that is being played in what is called a ‘sacred space’. It raises the vibration of a room and should be used in healing practices and especially channelling. We have had great feedback with people listening to it in their home environments, meditating to it, running it in crystal shops and it has been miraculous. Crystals are being activated and everyone is feeling the unconditional love that is poured into the music.

On the 31st of July 2015, the Crystalline Music was used in a group session and it was a great success with a tremendous amount of light entering the room, the incarnates spirit guides attending, Amy doing her magic and all of us were experiencing the light, music and all of the energy. Ever since then, we’ve been running the meditation sessions every 2nd Friday night.

The development of the modality.

We’re in the process of developing Crystalline Music / Heart Activation as a healing modality. To allow people to incorporate the music into their own work with the support as well. There are big ideas to come later on and if you’re interesting in joining the Facebook Group. The link is – http://on.fb.me/1Z0oJ5E

Experience the Group Sessions

Heart-Activation-CoverWe also hold fortnightly sessions of the ‘Heart Activation & Spirit Guides’ group sessions where we call in our Spirit Guides to help facilitate a connection to the light. If you have a ‘Spirit Guide Crystal’, you will hold these to your heart during the session as the Spirit Guide will facilitate a connection to the light.

We hold this in Perth, Western Australia and are now taking these online during the week. Each session, we like to utilise various crystals to do certain work. The idea was to incorporate international guests into our live sessions, so that they too can feel a part of the groups.

Until such time that we can incorporate the technology to do this, we will be holding them individually.

We begin our sessions by having a small conversation about a topic by the facilitator and everyone is welcome to participate in regards to meeting with our spirit guides and how they work. Then we begin merging with our spirit guide through the use of crystals (or self) and the guides facilitate the connection the light. It is all possible with the use of the music. We like to vary the crystals and frequencies that we use from session to session and we keep on creating new music to continue evolving our music. At the moment, we have over 5 hours of music to use.

Headphones are required as these are high vibrational sessions and contain various frequencies throughout the music.

Sign up to “Learn It Live” to join our sessions – http://bit.ly/1Pkwmfv
Our Academy Page can be found at – https://www.learnitlive.com/StevenNorth

Where to Buy?

At the moment, we have three CD’s available and we’re working on more to made available. They can be purchased through our online store and we’re also waiting on feedback from Publishers & Distributors to have these sold everywhere, all around the world.

Previews of the tracks (SoundCloud & YouTube Playlist)

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