Full Moon Omniversal Crystal & Water Blessing

Whenever there is a full moon, people head out and place their crystals in the light of the moon. The moon’s energies that we see in the form of light are beamed down and the crystals take on the light. Just as we humans do with both the moon and the sun. Thus, why the advertisement goes… “Get out into the sunshine, get Vitamin D”. In this document, I read that there is a “Full Moon Omniversal Crystal Blessing” which can also be done in the sunlight as well. However, the full moon does something a wee bit different.

If the human gets Vitamin D from the sunshine, then what does the rest of the planet get through both the sun light and moonlight. Think about it… we get Vitamin D from natural sources of light.

Tonight is the night of a full moon here in Australia and I believe that the rest of the world is experiencing this now and through my trawlings on the great wide web of the internet. Came across this document titled “The Return of Light” by Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum.

Full Moon Omniversal Crystal Blessing

  1. Get yourself a container, a bowl, a bucket, what ever it is that you wish to use and fill it with water.
  2. Pray over the water and invoke the light from the Omniverse [The Omniversal Energy]
  3. Ask that the water be filled with that crystalline pure Light, and that anything placed within the water be purified and brought up to that vibration.
  4. Immerse your stones in that water and place them in the sun or full moonlight for several hours.

Full Moon Omniversal Crystal Blessing

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