Event: Working with the Unknown

There comes a time when our lives begin to change, they begin to transition to a new way, a new method and at times, this can be very daunting for the incarnates, especially within the minds when things of the future aren’t delivered, when the past is no longer relevant and finding ourselves stuck in the middle of two worlds can be daunting for the many.

In this guided group meditation session with Amy of the Light (through Steven North), Amy is going to speak of what it is like to be in this moment through the experience that has been endured by Steven being stuck in the unknown and trying to figure out how to work with it.

Fear can be a daunting experience for many, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of no longer being able to control nor even be the director of the outcome of one’s life and the fear of letting go of everything that we have come to know to understand. This is where many of the incarnates are being stuck and through this workshop titled “Working with the Unknown”, Amy will guide you through connecting with your own spirit guides and allowing them to assist you with breaking down these boundaries & blockages.

Working with the Unknown

Working with the Unknown (Facebook Info.)

“Working with the Unknown” is a guided meditation that will be delivered by Amy of the Light through Steven North.

Many people around the world are finding the process of being in the unknown a challenging and daunting experience. The future is not what many have predicted, the past is no longer relevant thus the mindset gets stuck with all its limitations and boundaries. Deep within us, there is fear are layers of fear that hold us back and it is these layers of fear that we need to brake down in order to shift into a new way of being.

Amy will guide you through the process of allowing you to clear your mind, emptying your thoughts and we will all work with our spirit guides so that they can assist you with the breaking down of these barriers.

These sessions are kept as small groups so that everyone has an opportunity to talk about what they’re experiencing and to share with a group of people that are all enduring the same as no one is alone with the challenges that are being experienced. We will also include the use of the Heart Activation Music that will allow us to divulge deeper into the healing work that will be undertaken on this night.

Amy of the Light

Event Information & Tickets

The event will be held at our regular premises with tickets costing $32.34 and as placed are limited for this event. Be sure to get in early.

Address: Suite 6, Aldar House, 10 Mary Street, Como, WA
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Price: $32.34 (including booking fee)

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