[Event] – Discussion on Spirit Guides


Discussion on Spirit Guides

Join Amy of the Light & Steven North on an in-depth discussion about Spirit Guides.

Some of the topics that will be covered are: The arrangement of guides, what the role of the Spirit Guide is, different categories of spirit guides & how they function, methods on how guides communicate, what happens during emotional upheavals, what happens on the other side of the veil, the revolutionary new way as how they are operating and teaching new methods of working with your spirit guide.

Together, Amy & Steven have been working with many other spirit guides, Archangels & Ascended Masters, Dieties as well as Intergalactic / interplanetary Civilisations and building bridges between for the incarnate to physically feel through the form of crystals. We’ve also had success with embedding Ascended Masters into audio as well.

Come join us for an interesting night where Steven & Amy both talk about how working with a Spirit Guide changes lives.

Amy is also very well known for making her presence known and as Jocelyn Joy Thomas advises… She comes through stronger than an Archangel.

Event Dates

Tuesday, June 21st, 6:30 PM AWST (GMT +8) – Suite 6, Level 2, 10 Mary Street, Como, WA
URL: Facebook Event | Meetup.com Event | Eventbrite & Tickets

Wednesday, June 22nd, 11:00 PM AWST (GMT +8) – via Learn it Live (Online)
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Spirit Guide Crystals

Spirit Guide crystalsThere are many spirit guides on the other side of the realm that aren’t in communication with their incarnates. Through working with my guide and yours, we work together to attune a crystal to your Spirit Guide so that you’re able to feel them, merge with them and communicate directly. Every person has more than one guide as well and we’re encouraging the revolution for people to connect more and more with their guides to help with living their higher path.

With these crystals, we will also layer the information of your life path which we will channel from your guides and program into the crystal. So that over the years, you meditate with the crystal to connect to your guides and unlock pieces about your life path.

We are able to do many things with crystals as both my guide Amy and myself work on both sides of the veil to help raise the vibration of people and improving their lives.

One thing that is being pointed out as I type this, is that if you need assistance with certain issues in life. The guides will help you.

By utilising this crystal, you will have the clearest connection with your guides like never before.

URL: Purchase a Spirit Guide Crystal

Spirit Guide Crystal Reviews

“Steven is wonderful to work with and his communication is excellent! I have started to work with the crystal and the information I am getting is wonderful! I think also being clairvoyant helps me, but I just love this crystal – thank you!” [3 March 2016]

First of all, Mr. North’s customer service is exceptional. He was so interactive about my order and informed me about my crystal as he was working with it! I am sincerely grateful for his efforts in helping me feel truly connected. I’m pretty terrible at meditation, to be honest, but as someone who constantly struggles with anxiety and a racing mind, holding my crystal instantly calms me down and helps me feel like I’m “taken care of” by something greater than myself and for that, I cannot give thanks enough to Mr. North and what he does :). [01 Feb 2016]


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