Decode & Transform the Mind [Online Event]

Transform the Mind DEcode & Transform the Mind

The Mind is defined as the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.

Steven North has been researching, experiencing & observing the Brain and the Human Mind for many years and it is this research that is being offered to you.

Welcome to Decode & Transform the Mind with Meline Lafont, Steven & Amy North & The Elohim of Light.

Throughout the centuries, mankind has been researching into the human mind, how it works, how it performs, how it operates and this research continues into how to effectively make use of the brain. My own research into trying to understand my own mind and how it operates led to an in-depth study of the ego mind. The ego (lower self) is rather intriguing in the complexities as to how it operates.

This research led to various elements of reprogramming the mind such as brainwave entrainment, drug therapy regime, redevelopment of the pathways in the cerebellum and now the energies that run within the human field of consciousness.

This research led me to the guidance to find Meline Lafont from Awaken Spirit from Within whom has channelled the Elohim of Light. They have delivered a series of light codes & programs that assist with the decoding & transformation of the human mind and it is of great honour as the combination of this with the Heart Activation Music assist us with opening the heart space and allow ourselves to break free from the limitations of the Human Mind.

In this series, The Heart Activation Music utilises four different crystals that run a different sent of codes being channelled through Amy & myself. These codes help us shift our level of consciousness from the old & muddy to the new & fresh.

Every person can benefit by freeing themselves from the limitations of the Human Mind, the patterns of the old and this event is to help to achieve this.

This series of workshops is a co-creation with Awaken Spirit from Within & hosted/facilitated by Steven North.

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This workshop will also include:

* Open discussions about the human mind
* The opportunity to share experiences in a group
* The support from Steven North in a private session if required.

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