Crystalline Healing

Star Point 9 has been developing a new modality that is named ‘Crystalline Music’ which is crystal frequencies & harmonics and also incorporates binary frequencies for brainwave entrainment. The music itself facilitates a far deeper level of healing and it is the first of it’s kind ever developed in reference to sound healing. It works through multiple dimensions and the colours that are incorporated into the music is really divine. The music itself is performed by Amy and myself, with Amy sending in light code to embed into the musical notes amongst many other things. The music creates an environment for spirit guides and other higher dimensional beings to work with these sessions. It clears energy the same way that smudging does and it activates every crystal around it as they too join in and sing with the music. By adding the music and incorporating it into our healing sessions, we open the door way to something absolutely amazing.

In our one-to-one sessions and group sessions, we are all working with our Spirit Guides (SG). They come forward to help us with our lives, to connect with us and to be more involved in our day-to-day lives. In our one-to-one sessions, the clients Spirit Guide will advise of what work needs to be done as they direct the flow of energy and the strength of the energy. They advise things such as what format a crystal needs to be operating at, where they need to be placed and what purpose the crystal is required for. It is very common in the sessions that not only are the spirit guides present but Archangel Angels and Ascended Masters. Amy advises that she has seen Quan Yin and Mother Mary appear many times through the sessions that are performed.

We are also able to assist with clearing past life trauma, stresses and blockages with our access through the Akashic Records. The clients spirit guide is primarily responsible for guiding us on the level of energy required to clear the blockages as we clear the soul of all issues stemming from past lives in one go. Depending on the client, two sessions maybe required.

Our work is a combination of the Crystalline Music, Crystals, Spirit Guides, Reiki, Seichim Reiki, Archangels, Ascended Masters and most important, Spirit Guides. We program crystals to connect with life path, twin soul frequencies and spirit guides. We also program other crystals to connect to Ascended Masters & Archangels and many other beings can be facilitated.

Joy from Joy’s Readings whom is an international reader & channeller gave feedback on the SG crystal.

He programmed a crystal with my spirit guide and I was able to have a direct link to him as never before, even with my ability to talk to guides, he enhanced it as if he brought the connection into HD.

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