[Crystal Grids] – The Archangel Connection

To describe the purpose of crystal grids in one’s environment is to combine the various different frequencies of energies to achieve a specific purpose. Whether it is to change the vibration of room, to manifest love, to bring in joy, to bring forward abundance, to enjoy the beauty of crystals or even to have on the mantle piece as a piece of art work. There is no ending as to what the purpose of what a crystal grid can do and be used for.

There are examples all over the internet and some very amazing and wonderful grids that I’ve seen from all around the world. Many configurations can do many things and over the months and the workshops that we hold, will teach people how to make them.

This grid tho is very special as it has not only got beautiful crystals but it has had every single crystal programmed with a specific Archangel vibration, has been inspired by Steven North’s spirit guide Amy, the grid has also been programmed and activated through Steven’s innate abilities with crystals.

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The Archangel Grid can be purchased from our Etsy store (link will open in a new window).

The Archangel Crystal Grid is designed for people to have a connection with the Archangels within their home. Through the crystal work that we do, each crystal has been programmed specifically to the vibration and energy of the Archangel in question. In essence, creating a grid of communication to reach the Archangels.

It was through a reading with Archangel Metatron through Joy’s Reading –http://etsy.me/1OukfAB – that the following information was provided when asked which Crystals to use for the Arch Angels. This information was the inspiration for the Crystal Grid to have them all together.

The following crystals are provided with this grid and they are subject to change as not all crystals are not the same.
1 x Selenite Spiral
1 x Amethyst
1 x Obsidian
1 x Rose Quartz
1 x Adventurine
1 x Rainbow Fluorite
1 x Agate (will update with the name very soon)
6 x Clear Quartz
NB: The Crystal Grid mat is NOT included. They can be obtained from:http://etsy.me/1FePWLD

Each Archangel is listed below with the name of the Crystals that represent them.

Archangel Metatron = Amethyst
Archangel Gabriel = Adventurine
Archangel Raphael = Rainbow Fluorite
Archangel Michael = Obsidian
Archangel Chamuel = Rose Quartz
Archangel Ariel = Agate
Clear Quatz Pointers = To enhance and draw in the connection of the angels and programmed to reach other angelic realms.

The Selenite tower energises, assist with the vibration of the crystals and energises the crystals in the grid, so that you can set it, leave it on the shelf and leave it.

The programming work is done through through my spirit guide connection with Amy as assists, guides and helps me with connecting to the energies of the Angels to the crystals. Each Angel feels completely different, they have their own vibration and purpose. When programming the crystals, they all carried a very beautiful, loving, kind, nurturing and unconditional love presence. The grid itself feels true blessings, peace and serenity.

These crystals will be provided with a brief manual and photos on suggested ways to set up the crystal grid and what each Arch Angel helps with.

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