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The channelling session with Joy from Joy’s Readings and Steven North from Star Point 9 took place on the 18th of October 2015. In this session, we were visited by our Spirit Guides Amy & Etium along with Archangel Gabriel & Jesus and Archangel Michael. It was a wonderful night of work and it was my very first time working with Archangel Michael through the channelling work. The information that comes forward is relevant to everyone and not just light workers.

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Character & Authenticity by Amy (via Joy)

Now, I want to talk to you about character today, the quality of character and why it is important for a light worker to be mindful of their character. A light worker is a representative of the light (or light weaver, take your pick), it is a role in which people expect you to be impeccable. Life being life, no one is impeccable. Even on this side, there are Spirit Guides that try to be perfect as they think they should be because they are guides and but no one can be perfect, not even on this side. Maybe knowing this may help you incarnates to know that even over here, there are flaws and that is part of the building of character, to accept ones flaws, to embrace them and to know that without them, you would not be a very substantial person at all.

It is in these flaws, in the weaknesses, in the mistakes that you truly become impeccable and build a worthwhile character. Then you become someone that is wise and that others can trust. If you do not have such character then people will not feel drawn to you and they will not want to go to you for healing, teachings and so on, they will sense that there is something off, something that doesn’t ring true. So a light worker must clear their own field and you do this be watching your mind and your heart, for it is within these places that you shape not only your character but your reality.

Steven: This I understand. Everyone needs to be their authentic self, who cares about being perfect…. be free!

Yes, very true and it has to do with the clutter in the mind, in the heart, not seeing through your own issues, being blindly stuck. All these things are part of building character, being authentic and yes, that is a good way to put it, I like that.

Steven: I had spent year trying to be perfect in a relationship that resulted in myself being in hospital with an overdose of prescribed medication back in the late 2000’s. Over the years, I discovered that no one cared much for what is done or said. So be the authentic self, the person that one truly is… everyone has flaws! It is the beauty of the design. If we didn’t have flaws, we would all be machines

If you are around the right people, they do care and very much but you are correct, it is vital for each person to see to themselves and work on their own issues and their character is a result of that work, how authentic you are. Flaws are part of being authentic, we see them, we acknowledge them and we stop denying them and then they will either integrate or they will fall away.

Integration is the goal, you want everything to integrate and merge into a flowing source so that you feel the light that you are and it is a moving light and energy that isn’t meant to be still, it can only be stopped through blocks, but if it is moving then things in life are working for you.

A light worker has one purpose, to be the light, to let that light shine and the rest follows like the flow of the river. The river will continue on and on, a river doesn’t ask how to be a river, so to you need not ask how to be, you are a flowing source of light energy and that is all, that is everything. Your character is important because it is how you present yourself to the world. You build it by inner work and authenticity is what we can call that work, in every moment.

Consistency by Etium (via Steven)

To continue on with this conversation, the incarnates need to understand that their authenticity comes from within their heart. The majority of incarnates are operating from the mental construction that is known as the mind. They seem to not operate from their heart space as you and many others do, whilst more and more people are entering their heart space, not being in the heart does take away the level of authenticity.

So the topic that I want to talk about is that of how many people come across as inconsistent. Those that not to appear to be genuine, as they say. It is within their energy field that you can see this or feel. This can then become more visible or felt through their auric fields.

Joy: How do we work on not being inconsistent?

We work on being consistent by being in our hearts, by letting the hearts flow, the love that is inside us flow. The mind gets in the way of this, we think too much, we use too much logic, there’s always something that intervenes rather than being direct from the heart. The biggest thing is to always be in the state of the heart. The state of not knowing. This is relevant to the ego mind, the state of the mind. The mind can be come so cluttered with a lot of information that is flooded on the internet, the television, the media and that creates reactions. Reactions such as fear and the coverage through mass media, especially now with the conflicts happening around the world but it is to be in a state of the heart that makes us genuine and consistent.

Joy: That makes perfect sense to me, any help on how to reach that state?

Yes, you are already in this state and we will discuss this now, the thing to remember to get into this state is to work on the mind, to clear it, meditate, focus, focus on the silence. The ego mind likes to play when there is a noisy mind as it gets in the way. As you know and has been discussed in these sessions with Amy, the silent mind is the clear mind. This silence of the mind allows you to work with the emotions of the body, to listen to the heart. So getting there, the key is to focus on the silence and reprogramming the mind to be in a clear state. It takes time, it takes work. It also takes effort, which a lot of incarnates do not wish to do but there are those that do want to really work at making it happen.

So once a person enters the state of meditation, then they can begin by entering the heart space and feeling it more than the mind. Over time, with practice, the heart will be felt more and heard louder.

There is also the way to bridge the heart to the mind. Through energy work, you can place the hands on the head and the heart and set the intention to create the heart to mind circuit. You call in your spirit guide or any others. Uriel is good for helping with the purification of this process and asking him to help with the facilitation of this.

Joy: Is there anything that I should visualise whilst working on the bridge?

When you visualise this work, use pink energies, you can also use Rose Quartz in this process. Then, once it is done, call in the golden light to seal it. The golden light as this one knows it as, it is the light of god. You may want to experiment with different colours as an energy but the pink during the session and then gold at the end. Others know this as ‘grace’.

Then, during the circuit, feel the energy flooding the mind, white lighting the mind and then the heart flowing upwards, like a spiral or vortex into the mind.

Purity by Arch Angel Gabriel with Jesus (via Joy)

I am Gabriel, greetings, I come to you with Jesus, the son and lord and we speak to you today of purity. The light within grants such purity of every being, alive or here on this side without pause, without consideration a birthright, a way of being. The purity within can be brought without, towards others, towards that which you hate, fear, resent, it can heal and in fact it will heal your mind. It will bring you to a state of such joy and peace, that the light can be all there is, as it should be. Purity of mind comes from heart alignment, it comes from being in touch with your entire being and it comes from knowing deep peace.

Purity, grace, peace, love, all are in the light, all are states to relax into, this is what you must practice, this purity of the mind, seeking to heal it and settle into the heart. Rise into the light and allow it to shine from you and out towards others. That’s how it happen as it should be this point on.

The Mind with Arch Angel Michael (via Steven)

Greetings to you blessed one, yes, you know me as Michael and today we would like to talk to you about safe guarding the mind. Using the blue cloak, the blue energy to protect your mind once this beautiful energy of clarity has been given. When working with the mind, there are obstacles that can be overcome and it is with me and my legions of angels that you can use in order to clear the mind and take on any dark aspects of the mind, should there be any that resides.

You can utilise this blue flame of protection to also purify the mind. Such as, when having a busy day, asking me to come forward and clear the mind from all stresses that maybe impacting. As the stress does indeed impact on your energy fields and your mind. Many people aren’t aware that stress can have an impact on their health and it is with all the exercises that we are sharing tonight that we can reach the highest level of purity in the light.

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