Brief discussion about Crystal Energy

Not so long ago, I spotted a conversation where someone was stating that the energy of one crystal was grater than another, another contains greater levels of energy, another is more powerful than another and in my own working experience of dealing with crystal and their energetic vibrations, none of this what people claims is true. It got me thinking about how to discuss this information which pertains to crystalline energy.

This discussion may shift belief systems or it may not but it is something to think about and to give a background about myself, I have been working with crystals in this lifetime and have observed that I work with crystals much differently that anyone else I’ve met. In fact, it was one specific friendship that introduced me to the world of crystals as I wasn’t aware of the potential that I had within me. Through channel sessions and now soul memory activations, it was seen that I have been working with crystals throughout many lifetimes, including other planetary systems. So the trick is to translate what I see, feel and know into the language of English (This is going to be interesting).

So let us explore what I see crystal energy to be. In its simplest form, crystals contain light, it is not energy at all but light in its purest form. This ‘light’ is what we call “source of the creator”, “God source” or “divine source” or simply put… Source! This source energy is what we call the ‘life force’ of the universe. Even Nikola Tesla documented this information in 1900.

Kirlian“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” – Nikola Tesla – Quote from: “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy” by Nikola Tesla, June 1900

The love & joy of working with the light within crystals, in the way that I work with them, is that the light is unlimited and what can be achieved when working with it is literally mind blowing. Many people that work with crystals may not necessarily understand the potential of what working with crystal harmonics and vibrations can offer. I tend to see people talk about what specific crystals are used for but no-one talks about the the harmonics of crystals. When we have knowledge on how to work with the light and utilise light code within the crystalline structure of crystals can really make crystal healing something more, much much more. Truthfully, the way I work with crystal comes directly from soul knowledge and an innate knowledge of how to work with them.

People that are crystal healers, do crystal healing courses are all working with the light that is within these crystals. It is untouched by man, untouched by any external sources and is pure light. There is no requirement for a crystal to contain light. There is no greater crystal or lesser crystal. They all access the same source thus they all have the same capability and the same light.

What differs crystals from each other is the make up, the vibration, the incarnated souls or Devas, or the crystalline structure which is where they get their individual programs from. Each element within the core structure of a crystal or mineral is to do a specific function in order to assist the planet and its inhabitants to evolve. We will also mention that the planet itself is a Creator and it too likes to experiment with combining elements to see what it can create. It’s life and it is a beautiful thing to watch and observe the majestic beauty of mother earth and what she creates.

quartz-photographyAs we’ve covered the introduction as to what this energy is. I will discuss how it is that I work with crystals. When I am with a client or working on myself, I will have a crystal that is specific to the requirements of what I need to achieve. Each crystal is primarily selected for the purpose of the vibration that they operate at. Some crystals hold specific vibrations for different beings, such as Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and many other benevolent beings. There are also crystals that receive programs that are relevant to the client sessions, such as to search and cleanse etheric cords that do not serve the clients highest good and when they are placed around the client, those that are required will be activated as per the instruction of the clients spirit guide. Most of the time, I am unable to advise of what is happening to the client because I’ve moved out of the way and allowing spirit to work through me as a vessel but the crystal harmonics and vibrations are being used both through sound and through energetic healing.

In the remote sessions that I perform, a client on the other side of the world will hold a crystal and I will sync vibrationally with the crystal and it’ll operated as a gateway, facilitator, communicator, monitor and conduit for the energy work that the spirit guides, AA’s & AM’s perform as well the work that I am able to achieve. By utilising this, I am able to facilitate more effectively compared to working with a clients energy directly. In other words, the crystal itself become a guide as well. This is something that we are looking forward to teaching practitioners in the not so distant future as well.

It is through this methodology of working this way that I have come to learn that I do not work the same way as a traditional crystal therapist. In fact, as Amy (my spirit guide) has informed me, I’m using knowledge from a different planetary system. Using energy medicine in the work and with her guidance, have written some rather extensive series of codes into crystals.

Recently obtained feedback from Joy @ Joy’s Readings in regards to a crystal that I had spent a number of days receiving visions on how to program. Truthfully, it wasn’t of this world and it required a whole series of sequences added to the crystal. This is what Joy had to say about the crystal….

12049331_1513850368928488_7146314629795376476_nI call it the force, when I connected to it, I felt taken into space, then I saw my angels all around me as they always are before a reading, My guide is there as well. Then a series of light beings came down and surrounded us all, they had the feeling of very being very serious, connected beings. When I began the reading they made sure I didn’t stray like I tend to in my thoughts and stayed on topic, they didn’t even want me to correct the typos as I went along. The information was very clear and the words used were slightly different than my own. I noticed in the second reading they (the light beings) weren’t as strong. I probably need to clean the crystal. I do this every night but not in between readings as I’d be at it all day long then. I can also say I don’t feel as drained as I normally do, I just feel overwhelmed because there is still a lot more to do, that’s a big difference!

In summary, a piece of Larimar, Smokey Quartz, Satyaloka Quartz, Epidote (along with the rest) all contain the same energy, which is called ‘light’ and it is the vibration, structure, incarnated souls and vibrational attunement of the crystals that differ one from another as well as the different minerals that make up the crystal. So… all in all, the energy is all the same but presented in a different way.

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