Album Releases – Heart Activation Music by Steven North

We’ve gone ahead and done it!!! We’ve finally released two of the albums from the Heart Activation Music by Steven North range digitally. It’s been making it’s way out to all the digital distributors since the 4th of April 2016. It was truly a monumental as the work that we’ve been doing has finally been made available to the public.

The very first two albums released are Amy’s Divine Love and Moonchild’s Dream with a few more to be released in the coming few months.

Heart Activation Music

Press the “play” button below to get a preview of the tracks.

Amy's Divine LoveAmy’s Divine Love

The music is created by Steven North and Amy. Together, they combine the frequencies and energies that heal the mind, body & soul.

The track, Amy’s Divine Love talks about the love that is shared between twin flames and the balance between masculine & feminine, spirit guide & incarnate and Heaven & Earth.

Steven North has discovered a method to transfer energies from Crystals into audio and by adding the layers of binaural frequencies, the entire body, mind & soul feels the amazing benefits of this Sound Therapy & Healing Music.

We utilise the binary frequency of 136.1 Hz in this track. 136.1 Hz is a frequency that resonates with the Earth and has been associated with light, warmth and joy. Those who use this frequency often experience a calming sensation sometimes described as centering, meditative or just relaxing. This tone corresponds to the meditative “OM” or the “Amen”. This is the perfect frequency to use while relaxing on the beach, or meditating or even praying.

We also use crystals in Amy’s Divine Love and you will hear & may even feel the energies of Faden Quartz, Clear Quartz, Pink Danburite, Onyx & Reiki Energies.

Moonchild's-Dream---rv1Moonchild’s Dream

Heart Activation Music by Steven North is a Holistic Complimentary Therapy that incorporates a variety of different sound healing techniques as well as energetic vibrations that the body will respond too.

The music is created by Steven North and Amy. Together, they combine the frequencies and energies that heal the mind, body & soul.

This track is a dedication to one of Steven’s guides known as Moonchild whom is a strong Apache warrior whom is gentle in nature and fierce in spirit. She has strength which allows her to make herself physically known to Steven and at first he had no idea what was happening.

The concept for the development of this track was to focus on the nature of the Native American Indian shaman, the medicine man and to express their connection with their ancestors, their elders, their spirit guides which is very strong in their culture, their teachings and their way of life. They are very well known to listen to the animal totems which is true for the human incarnate as everyone has an Animal totem. For Steven, his is that of a white wolf.

This track utilises the binary frequency of 183.58 Hz which is a frequency that is associated with Jupiter and can bring growth and success. Jupiter has a rotation time of a little less than 12 years and oscillates in the 36th octave with F# of 183.58 Hz. The corresponding colour is a red with a wavelength of about 740 Nanometres. Jupiter is the largest of all planets and is situated right in the middle of the presently known planets. Jupiter is traditionally associated with Sagittarius.

Generosity, continuity, magnanimity and joviality are characteristic of Jupiter. It stands for philosophical and material creativity.

With this frequency and the crystals of Sodalite, Clear Quartz, Onyx & Satyaloka Quartz this track is designed to bring forward growth, knowledge, dispel confusion, self-esteem, emotional verbalization (Sodalite) as well as spiritual communications, enlightenment (Clear Quartz), centering, alignment and Archangel Michael (Onyx) with the Satyaloka Quartz to aid in the shift of consciousness.

Where can we buy the Heart Activation Music from?

You can purchase these tracks from the majority of digital distribution outlets, such as iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital, and the list continues to grow. We’re still waiting for it them to make their way over to Spotify and other rental catalogues.

We’re also planning on distribution for physical volumes for wholesale. If you’re interested in stocking the Heart Activation Music by Steven North then please contact us directly.

Technics Tracks
..and the list goes on!

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